Sent to Serve is the ministry of Discovery Church dedicated to reaching out to our community and world through service. The main components of Sent To Serve are Sent To Serve Sundays and various service projects that are announced by need throughout the year. Sent to Serve Sundays happen during months that have a fifth Sunday. On that day, our church meets for a short time of worship together, then goes into the community to go and Be The Church through service, rather than just going to church. We partner with different organizations throughout our community and spend from 9am - 1pm serving collectively with them. 


Jesus commands us to serve. The Church is not a building, the church is the people of God, doing His work, for His glory, in the world. We want to take ownership of that truth and make a true impact on our community.


On Sent to Serve Sundays we visit different sites such as:

Haven of Rest

Healing Hands



We also have a community outreach site at our campus for anyone who is not able to go out to the different sites.


Sent to Serve Sundays happen quarterly on every month that has 5 Sundays.  

We have committed to serving dinner at the Haven of Rest in Bristol every other Monday. 

Other Sent To Serve opportunities are announced by need periodically throughout the year.